FILCCA Welcomes Basketball Sensation Kai Sotto to Australia

The Filipino Communities Council of Australia (FILCCA) is proud to formally welcome one of the Philippines greatest exports, Kai Sotto a young basketball sensation who has been recruited to the Adelaide 36ers arriving earlier this week.

Sotto, at 7 foot 3 inches brings not only height but extreme talent on the basketball court and with this, a big dream of one day playing in the US NBA. But already this 19-year-old is an inspiration to the Filipino community, proving the hard-working ethic of Filipinos is key to unleashing success.

Well adored in the Philippines, Sotto has an existing fan base of over 300,000 Instagram followers complimented by his entrepreneurial activities. Last year launching his own clothing brand ‘Kaiju’ and plans of opening up a global academy in the same name.


Written by Philtimes

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